About me

Tom Röthlisberger is a passionate digital engineer and entrepreneur. He is consulting and leading clients through the challenges of the digital age. Constantly discovering new solutions for over 15 years, he had the privilege to have worked with international companies like Audi, Credit Suisse, John Lewis or Richemont.

Tom is an engaged speaker and panel discussion participant featured in worldwide summits for marketing technology and strategies. His favoured advice is to get out of the offices, explore the challenges first handed, learn from the experiences and share the solutions found. He holds a master degree in Aikido, is a open-minded traveler, passionate dad, ignited firefighter, relaxed cook and cat lover.

My expertise

My favorite topics I like to speak about

Digital Marketing

Most of my professional career I’ve been crafting solutions for digital marketing and digital communication. In my perception, the evolution within this specific industry is at a pace that ensures that you have always to discover new ways of thinking. Currently I’m very passionate about open source marketing automation powered by mautic.


I’ve had the luck to work with a broad range of different people within the digital industry. Together we were able to craft solutions and to design organisations that have not existed before. I’m convinced that after the creation of something it can already be improved. Getting better is a lifelong task and one of my success factors so far.

Digital entrepreneur

Since I’ve started to think about strategies and markets, I’ve became passionate about developing companies. It is a very satisfying work to create and enhance people, teams and companies. This is also one of the reasons I’ve started to work as an entrepreneur.


I’ve started to develop my first programs at the age of 10. Since then I’ve always worked in IT and were able to work with extraordinary technologists. One of the pillars of our company Digital Innovation Lab is also the lab part where we engineer new solutions based on brand new technologies.

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